Our Process

Step 1: Evaluate Your Needs

  • Confirm insurance company has received your damage report.
  • Confirm your claim number.
  • Evaluate your vehicle and identify what’s needed to repair it.
  • If the insurance company has not prepared an estimate on your behalf we will generate one for you and review it with you.

Step 2: Document The Plan

  • Confirm your policy’s coverage.
  • Review our payment policy with you.
  • Schedule your vehicle for repairs and the projected completion date.
  • Present our repair order for your authorization and signature.
  • If your insurance company requires it, we submit our estimate for their approval before proceeding.

Step 3: Obtain Your Parts

  • We take pictures of all the corners of the vehicle.
  • We order and process your vehicle’s damaged parts

Step 4: The Body Repairs Begin

  • Disassemble the damaged parts.
  • Re-inspect your vehicle for any hidden damage that may have occurred.
  • If additional damage is found, we notify you and provide a written supplement. It documents any additional costs or schedule changes that may be necessary.

Step 5: Body Repairs are Complete

  • All damaged parts have been replaced or repaired according to plan.
  • Your vehicle is inspected to ensure the repairs are complete and reflect your vehicle’s pre-accident status.

Step 6: Preparation for Painting

To ensure a pre-accident paint job, your vehicle undergoes multiple phases of careful preparation including:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Sealing
  • Masking

Step 7: Painting (Color and Clear Coats)

  • New paint is expertly mixed to match your vehicle’s existing color.
  • Multiple coats of paint are applied to the repaired areas followed by clear coats for added gloss protection.

Step 8: Final Vehicle Assembly

  • Final parts assembly is completed.
  • Your vehicle is carefully cleaned.
  • Your vehicle is carefully inspected to ensure the final repair meets our highest quality standards.

Step 9: Customer Notification

We contact you to confirm that repairs are completed, and to schedule a time for you to take delivery of your vehicle.

Step 10: Review and Delivery

We will meet with you to go over your vehicle repairs and discuss and question your concerns, to ensure your complete satisfaction.